Our Mission

“We are committed to provide truly natural and organic aromatherapy products that work in harmony with the body".


 JOI Pure aromatherapy products care for your skin without harmful chemicals.  Our range of skin and body products are formulated from only the finest of nature's ingredients. 

We do not use petro-chemicals  or derivatives, propylene glycol, polyethylene glycols, synthetic colours or fragrances, sulphates, chemically derived preservatives, lanolin, animal

products or animal testing.     Such substances can not only adversely affect your skin but also your short and long term health.

JOI Pure aromatherapy products are based on the scientific and holistic principles of aromatherapy.  Essential oils are concentrated extracts from specific plants and plant parts

and as a group are one of the most highly active and effective cosmeceuticals in natural skin care today. 

All JOI Pure essential oils are of therapeutic quality and sourced according to species and origin for their specific beneficial properties. All our products are formulated using these

pure essential oils in sufficient concentrations to generate a deeply significant healing and rejuvenating response. 

JOI Pure products and Signature Spa Treatments have been created to nourish & nurture body and soul with utmost respect for skin tissue, emotional balance and physical

well-being. They embrace the therapeutic and regenerative properties of plant extracts in their pure unmodified state as intended by nature.  Please enjoy them as much as we do creating them.



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