"I live in Vienna and I first tried your products in the Golden Spa in Poland and found them great! I feel like I have finally found a perfect skin care range that I have been looking for a long time! I would love to try some more of them..." Aneta Pietraszko, Austria


Dear Nicole and Joi Pure Team

As I place a new order for more Joi skincare, I wanted to express sincere appreciation for such beautiful products. I have been using a variety of the Joi product range since it was first launched and I absolutely love everything about them from the smell, to the feel, to the results!

But every few years I either see or hear about some other new organic, natural skin care range that I decide to try. The exciting thing is... after quite a few trials with other 'natural' products over the last 10 years, I keep coming back to Joi time and time again. And whilst a little change is apparently as good as a holiday, as far as I'm concerned there still is no comparison in the market to the way my skin feels and looks after using Joi. I absolutely love it and will be a customer for life!

Thanks so much for such a fantastic range Michelle McCarthy, Murwillumbah NSW

It has been exactly 12 months since I began using your products which I stumbled across in a small salon in The Whitsundays.  We were visiting again this year and I thought I would treat myself to a facial knowing they used your beautiful JOI products.        

The lady performing the facial knew nothing of this  & upon starting the treatment, enquired about my age. She was quite surprised at how hydrated and healthy my skin was (for 54 yo).  After explaining to her about the reason for my visit she was thrilled to hear that the products I was using were indeed the same JOI products she uses in her salon!  What a fantastic compliment....this was only to back up how much I personally have loved using them....Again thankyou for such fantastic products and for the affirmation I received. I love them!

Ida Cammorato, Surrey Hills, Vic.


I have been using JOI Pure products since the late 90's. I have always loved natural organic skin products but I soon realised there were not many available that were truly authentic.                                                                                                                                                                                   

When JOI Pure entered my world, I realised that this exciting product range was the definitive skin care for which I had been searching and a major plus is that the company do not test on animals.

I can’t live without my Rejuvenating Facial Cream!

Thank you.   Rhonda Mawson, WA


Posted by Annette @ Wellness WA  www.wellnesswa.com.au                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Wellness WA loves supporting local beauty businesses, so when a sample pack arrived from JOI Pure, I was hopeful that the products would be great so that I could share them with you – luckily, they are, so come with me and we’ll have a little chat about this Brigadoon based skincare company!

The ethos behind the brand is very admirable. They’re a natural & organic aromatherapy based line that focuses on the healing qualities of essential oils.

My personal favourite product was the Gentle Facial Wash: ♥I found it smelled really natural with a hint if 'herbs' , but in a good way! ♥It cleansed my combination / breakout prone skin well & without drying.

Their products are stocked nationally & internationally including Poland & Germany. It’s so inspiring to see W.A. based beauty businesses excelling, we have a lot to offer the world & JOI Pure is a shining example of that :)     Be well, Annette xoxo


Hi Nicole,

Thanks so much for getting back to me so quickly.

I am so happy with your products! My skin is looking so much better - my breakouts have almost ceased and my scars are looking much better. I cannot express how happy i am to have found a range that matches my ethics, beliefs and training and that actually works!!

Believe me, I have been searching for so many years and have tried so many products.

I can't wait to get started!

Thank you again.  Stacey Picks     Naturally By Stacey Day Spa, Aveley WA

Conscious Living Magazine Issue 76 Eco Consumer Review

"Caring Cream - Rejuvenating Facial Cream: If there really is such a thing as hope in a jar, this is it.The heavenly smell of orange blossom is the first thing you notice as you apply this natural cream.Following is the almost instant glow it gives your skin.

Completely free of synthetic chemicals, this restorative moisturising cream is particularly high in essential fatty acids, soluble vitamins, plant extracts and cytophylatic essential oils, which work to stimulate the growth of skin cells.Suits normal to dry, mature and sun damaged skin.

 By Gina Cacho CleanLife


"After suffering from red, irritated, dry skin due to an allergic reaction to a "Vitamin E" product I had tried from xxx xxxx xxxx, it was suggested that I try a face product from your JOI range.

I have been using the Rejuvenating Facial Cream for a couple of days now & it is fantastic. My skin looks the best it has ever looked! I think it's going to become my 'can't live without' product as well!! Thanks again for your help and for making natural products.

 Jaimee Kennedy Hillarys Western Australia


"I have been using your products daily for ages now and my skin has never looked healthier. I am so happy to have come across your products...can't wait for my new products to add to my pampering collection. My bathroom smells a treat each time I use your products.

It is fantastic, even my partner comments!"

 Ida Cammarota Surrey Hills Victoria


"I adore the JOI skin care products and especially love that I am able to take care of myself in a natural and pure way without compromising my planet's health. The internet ordering service is always prompt and efficient too!"

 Deb Slater Lower King Western Australia


"I love JOI Pure (indeed pure joy)! It is perfect for me and the tropical lifestyle but equally for my young married daughter whom resides in Perth.

We are amazed at the results and how wonderful your products are...such lovely aromatics too! Ordering is easy and I really apprecaite your help Nicole...thankyou. I look forward to receiving my next order. Happy Customer."

 Pat Pastor Broome

"Thank you again. I just love all your products and it's great to have something that works really well whilst not harming myself or my baby throughout pregnancy and breast feeding."  

Poppy   WA

TOP 5 Natural Beauty Product Wonders posted by Annette @ wellnesswa August 2nd 2011

I think I’ve said before that being spoilt by natural and organic beauty prods is on the top of my non-guilty pleasures list. In the last couple of weeks I’ve been lucky enough to come across 5 new products that have made me swoon/spend many hours locked in my bathroom in beauty heaven. Please allow me to share one of these with you!  

JOI Pure Recovery Eye Serum

This product hails from our very own Swan Valley, is 95% certified organic and made from so many yummy ingredients including rose water, rosehip oil, shea butter, green tea and ginseng. If I apply before bed, I wake up and don’t look tired even if I’ve only had 5 hours sleep. Need I say more?

Dear Nicole,

Thankyou for your wonderful products...especially the Vitality Deluxe Body Lotion.  It has worked a miracle in my hand which was riddles with eczema for a number of years.

After trying numerous products, this is the ONLY lotion that has helped diminish the ichyness and dramatically heal my hand and it is also slowly helping to soften my skin as well.

Thank you so much from the bottom of my epidermis!!!! " Kindest Regards  Monica, Swan Valley , Perth.

Hello Nicole

Just emailing to give you some feedback about the little AAA Serum sample you sent me.

Wow it is really something special isn't it!!  So luxurious going on & it might just be me, but my skin felt soft & hydrated pretty much straight after applying.

After a week my eye/lip areas seemed to be looking smoother, wrinkles not as deep... yayy:) smells absolutely divine too.

I already have two ladies wanting to try it & me also, so please let me know as soon as it's available, thanks so much Nicole."

Christina   Kervaceous Beauty   WA