Spa Treatments

JOI Pure Spa Products and Signature Spa Treatments have been designed to cater for all skin requirements and help create total body wellness.

They have been created to nourish & nurture body and soul with utmost respect for emotional balance and physical well-being.

A selection of some of our beautiful JOI Signature Spa Treatments available at our Day Spas and  Retreats:

Mini Revival Facial

The Mini Revival Facial has been created for those clients wishing to have a deep cleansing treatment as a quick 'pick me up' for their skin. Treatment includes a deep cleanse, gentle exfoliation, treatment oil, purifying clay mask and hydrating moisturiser. Acupressure concludes this facial, stimulating lymphatic drainage and removal of toxins.

De-Stress Facial

The De-Stress Facial has been specifically designed for extremely sensitive, fragile, or environmentally damaged skin. De-Stress Facial utilises the powerful anti-inflammatory, regenerative, rejuvenating and antioxidant properties of our Intensive Nutritive Mask and Facial Cream to assist in the calming, hydrating, replenishing and healing of these highly sensitive skin types.

Hydro-Balance Facial

The Hydro-Balance Facial is  a highly nourishing, deeply relaxing treatment that  utilises a  regenerative vitamin serum and Intensive Hydration Nutritive Mask to deliver an enriching treatment designed to assist in restoring the skins natural hydro-lipid balance.   Helps restore natural skin balance to dry / ages skin. Itt will leave the skin glowing with hydration.

Pure Aromatherapy Facial

The JOI Pure Aromatherapy Facial takes the senses on a wonderful aromatic journey using some of nature`s most exquisite pure essential oils. Hot towels infused with special aromatic oils, an intense vitamin serum and soft clay mask combine to create this highly beneficial treatment for mature, dry, environmentally damaged skins. A deeply relaxing aromatherapy massage including the manipulation of specialised aromatherapy or acupressure points, completes this outstanding aromatherapy facial.

Back-to-Front- Serenity - Relaxing/Nurturing

Back-to-Front Relaxing / Nurturing treatment utilises the Serenity Synergy, a sensual and exotic blend of essences from beautiful fragrant flowers and delicate sweet fruits which have a deeply relaxing, calming and nurturing effect on both body and mind.Hot aromatic towels, nourishing body oils and our pinkfacial clay combine to create a softening, nourishing treatment for the skin and a relaxing, nurturing journey for the senses.

Pure JOI

Pure JOI is a deeply nurturing full body spa treatment which utilises the sweet and exotic blend of essences from beautiful fragrant flowers and delicate fruits to deeply relax, nuture and uplift body and mind. The highly enriching Serenity Massage Oil and Body Clay Mask are combined with a nourishing moisturiser to leave the skin delicately scented and treated with the scentual and relaxing aroma of Serenity synergy. 

Relax & Restore

Relax & Restore is a nurturing body treatment designed to relax, centre and restore mind and body. It is the treatment of choice for those clients wishing tohave all the benefits of a salt and clay exfoliation combined with a Swedish Massage which utilises the sweet, exotic aroma of the Serenity Massage Oil. Immerse your senses in nature's aromatic garden and dream...

Revitalising Back Treatment

Revitalisng  Back treatment is a luxury therapy  for the back. It includes aromatic compressing to soften the skin, exfoliation with our organic clay and sea salt scrub to refine and specialised back massage to rebalance and  rejuvenate the skin. Of special appeal to male clientele, the Revitalising Back Treatment  utilises Vitality body products in combination with special strengthening and purifying oils and concludes with our unique body rake massage.

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All JOI Pure Spa Treatments are based on the science of aromatherapy to offer the ultimate holistic approach to natural rejuvenation of the skin, body and mind.