IPL / DPL / SHR Light Therapy

We offer the absolute latest IPL technology to treat pigmentation, redness, uneven skin tone/ texture & collagenisis (collagen stimulation) as well as RF skin tightening and  Super Hair Removal.

DPL (Di Pulse Light) is a narrow band wave length that works similarly but more specifically than traditional IPL to target these skin issues with better results and less discomfort.

Light therapy is a specialised treatment which requires skill and knowledge in order to achieve results safely and effectively.

All light treatments are performed by a fully qualified nurse, beauty and aromatherapist who has years of experience working with IPL and  has an internationally accredited certification

in the safety and use of Intense Pulse Light, LED and laser.

For effective treatment of hair reduction or skin rejuvenation, a course of treatments (generally between 4 - 8 ) is recommended.  An interval of 2 - 10 weeks is also recommended between sessions

depending on individual client and area being treated.  Results can vary for each individual depending on skin type, hair colour, skin condition and area being treated.


 IPL / DPL Skin  Rejuvenation - for pigmentation, broken capillaries, uneven skin texture and for collagen stimulation (collagenisis).

We highly recommend Omnilux Light Therapy immediately after Facial IPL to potentiate skin rejuvenation and healing for optimum results.

(see Omnilux page for more package options)

Full Face - $150         Skin Rejuvenation Special  - $200 with Omnilux Light Therapy  (save $40)

Neck - $100                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Face & Neck - $250     Skin Rejuvenation Special -  $250  Includes FREE Omnilux Light Therapy  (save $90) 

Decolletage - $200

Hands - $150

Arms Lower - $250

Arms Full - $450 ( including Hands + $100)

Legs Lower - from $350

Legs Full - POA

Back - from $300 depending on area treated

Spot Treatment - $20

                                                                                    **SKIN GYM**  3 x Full Face IPL + 8 Omnilux Light Treatments - $890 ( Save over $300)

SHR  / DPL Permanent Hair Reduction

Super Hair Removal combined with DPL offers the latest technology to effectively and painlessly remove unwanted hair for superior and long lasting results.

 Under Arms - $80   Book and pay for 4 x Under Arm Treatments for only $200

Arms Lower - $250

Arms Full - from $400

Legs Lower - from $350

Legs Full - POA

Bikini - $120

Extended Bikini - $160

Brazillian from $200

Back - $500

Chest - POA                                                                                                                                        

Test  patches - $20 redeemable on first treatment.