Logona History

The story of Logona is closely associated with the rise of the German natural marketplace, which began 30 years ago with the 1970's wave of environmental consciousness and awareness. Organic agriculture, renewable energy and environmental responsibility formed the basis of this movement.

During this time a group of friends in Hannover, Germany opened a shop featuring the few available products that befitted the values of this new, green alternative movement. In 1977, they began manufacturing simple bodycare products, and the Logona idea was born.

More than 30 years expertise

Bodycare products manufactured and packaged from a broad ecological stand point fulfilled increasing customer demand and today Logona manufacture over 200 natural personal care and cosmetic products.

BDIH Certified Natural Cosmetics

Logona products utilise the highest quality natural raw materials such as premium botanical oils, herbal extracts and essential oils derived from organic farming and wildcrafting.

All Logona products are Free From:

synthetic colours, fragrances & preservatives.
petrochemicals or derivatives.
ingredients derived from animal suffering or death.
Accredited Choose Cruelty - Free Company.

Please note, whilst Logona and Sante are both accredited with Choose Cruelty-Free, they do not possess the license to display the CCF logo on their products.