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Shred10™ is all about Shredding Bad Habits (that don't serve you well),  for just ten days.


Ten days has been proven to be long enough to get some real results and short enough to stay disciplined for success.

For 10 days the program focuses on eating clean, seasonal, whole food and eliminating common food sensitivities.  

It’s also about cleaning up your lifestyle and eliminating the foods that no longer serve you anymore like sugar and processed foods, coffee and alcohol.

By fueling your body with essential nutrients, you will be getting a jumpstart to reach your next health goals.

During this 10-day period, you will shred unhealthy habits and FOCUS on clean living. 



These first 10 days are ideally followed by 20 days of continuing to include some of these new habits that you loved but with more FREEDOM.

Of course you are still continuing your own personal education and health journey.

After this one month of focused effort and attention to how you live your life everyday, it then becomes about FLOW.


These new habts will more easily flow into how you live your life and you will be able to continue to establish long-term health with one simple change, that will

revolutionize your life for the future.

Here are the guidelines you will strictly follow for 10 days:


  • More Real (wholefood) Food
  • Juice Plus+® Trio Capsules Daily
  • 2 Complete® Shakes Daily
  • Plenty of Water
  • Sleep 7-8 Hours
  • Exercise Every Day                                                 


  • Gluten                                                                                                       
  • Dairy
  • Caffeine
  • Alcohol
  • Processed Foods
  • Artificial and Refined Sugars
  • Eating After 6:00 p.m. or 3 hours before bed time.


During this time period, you will be a part of a Facebook community that will support and encourage you like you may have never experienced before.

You will also receive daily support from us here to ensure you stay focused and accountable.

We provide all Guidelines and Information,  Incredible Recipes including Meals, Snacks, Smoothies, Menu Planner, Exercise Program and Goal Setting + so much more, absolutely  FREE!

All you need to get started is the Juice Plus+ products and a commitment to want to become healthier, happier and to embrace more of what life has to offer.

Please check out this quick, easy- to-view presentation to learn more.

Why not become the best you can be...we're here to help you on your way... Let's do this! Let's get started! 

Please feel free to contact us  to enquire (obligation-free) or to simply get started.



1. FOCUS  for 10 days. SHRED10

2. FREEDOM for 20 days. COMPLETE LIFE TRANSFORMATION STAGE ONE  (stick with what you've learnt and keep some of these positive changes but with more freedom to introduce other things prevously denied)

3. FLOW for rest of your life. COMPLETE LIFE TRANSFORMATION STAGE TWO / MAINTENANCE (continue on your journey with stage one but modified if necessary. Maintain good habits from Stage one and work on implementing and maintaining one simple change each week).