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Skin care products.
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Tips to get the most out of essential oils

Essential oils can oxidise, deteriorate and lose their beneficial therapeutic properties over time so it is important to store and look after them properly. Here are a few important tips:
Essential Oils won’t go rancid but they can lose their therapeutic value; storing them properly is key.
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To capture and store the fleeting scent of a flower, so as to have it available whenver you wish, has been desired since time began.

How many wonderful memories and moods relate to a particular scent!

With essential oils, we have captured the "essence "of the plant, the life force, the power and the energy field and we can use this unique power to benefit our physical and emotional well being as well as our skin.

All without chemicals! 
What a gift we have been given.
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 Mineral Oil / Petroleum / Petrolatum

This chemical is derived from crude oil, as a by-product of the distillation of petroleum.  It masquerades under several disguises and comprises the basis of most synthetic creams and related products.
The main difference between a vegetable oil and a mineral oil is that a vegetable oil is derived from plant parts that breaks down and is extracted in its living state (the life force). Where as mineral oil is derived from crude oil which is the undecomposed plant and chemical matter that over millions of years has not broken down!

Mineral oil makes up the product we know unfortunately as ‘baby oil’ which shouldn’t be used on anyone, least of all a baby! It also forms the basis of many well known and “respected” cosmetic lines.
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